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The office
“legal boutique”
OAB-PR 3,760

The office has one of the largest legal collections of Mining Law in Paraná with two units in Paraná and a  branch in its own property in Cuiabá-MT. In this context, our main goal, always based on the individuality of the lawyer/client relationship , is to propose alternative solutions that can bring corporate benefits, through continuous partnership with our clients, offering the necessary subsidies for making safe managerial decisions and covered by strict legality. . In this way, Advocacia Bremm translates into an agile and modern company, which values, above all, technical excellence and quality in the service provided to its clients, with transparency, seriousness and professionalism, advising and representing its clients with qualified professionals. , thus achieving the best results.

The firm has  specialized and personalized service in the context of “legal boutique”  with the concern of presenting each client with a special solution, in an environment that values their individuality . The main feature is the high degree of specialization, technical knowledge and focus on customer relationships. The other high point is that the legal boutique offers, without "surprises" or "legal adventures", even for the simple fact that law is not for amateurs or inexperienced professionals.

By hiring the services of the legal boutique, you will already be at an advantage in relation to the market, your case and your former adversary.

We also offer advisory legal advice, aimed at preventing legal disputes, in addition to litigation advocacy, defending the interests of its clients in all forums and Courts in the country. 

ADVOCACIA BREMM has clients in the following states: PR, SC, RS, SP, RJ, ES, MG, MT, MS, RO, TO, DF, MA, GO, PA, AM, RR, RN, CE, PI and BA . 

ADVOCACIA BREMM already has clients in the following countries Portugal, Canada, United States of America - USA, Croatia, Austria, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Middle East. 


The Office has individual service rooms, meeting room, library, administrative and IT sector. The main objective is to be able to distinguish the services provided as a product of undeniable quality. Therefore, it was necessary to combine several factors, ranging from the technical capacity of our professionals to the use of the most modern technological resources available.

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